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Oh no not the dreaded C word. Trust me I don’t like mentioning Christmas and how soon it will be upon us, whilst we are still in October. However, since there are only 8 more Fridays til Christmas, I thought now would be a good time to show you some of our Christmas fabrics, to help you finish off those yuletide projects.


Featured Fabric:

Christmas fabrics from blank quilting and makower

A variety of Christmas fabrics

Above shows a small selection of the Christmas fabrics we stock at Finstall Fabrics.

Featuring soft yet classically beautiful colours of Christmas; Blue, Green, Red, Gold and Silver. Six of these fabrics feature a snowflake patterns on each of the colours of Christmas, which can either be used separately or combined as pictured below to create a stunning colour palette for your project.



In addition to the simple beauty of the snowflake pattern, are the more specifically Christmas themed patterns from the rest of the range.

Two fabrics feature mini mistletoe’s on light blue and cream. Whilst another two fabrics that are in the same blue and dark red as the snowflake fabric, detail snowmen celebrating in the snow, with snow-covered pine trees and snowflakes in the background. Finally a typography styled print showcasing the different words associated with all things Christmas.



Lastly, but by no means least, let’s have a close up at the four mini print fabrics we currently have. Two feature the pine trees of Christmas, with shimmering metallic trees alongside those in green. Another features mini robins on cream and finally Christmas themed owls, wearing winter themed outfits, and as with the tree fabric details mini snowflakes in a metallic fibre, adding a brilliant shimmer to the look.


Find all these fabrics individually at Finstall Fabrics.





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